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Medium Sorbtek Cooldry danco Toobz with fish skeleton pattern TOOBZ

Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $7.98
Savings: $2.01
7.5" rubber coated aluminum danco pliers-DUFFY DUFFY

Price: $39.99
6.5" stainless steel danco pliers with rubber painted grips-THROTTLE THROTTLE

Price: $19.99
7.5" aluminum danco pliers with rubber grip inserts-PRODIGY PRODIGY

Price: $39.99
8" stainless steel danco pliers with rubber grip inserts-SCARFACE SCARFACE

Price: $29.99
8" stainless steel danco pliers with rubber grip inserts-RIPTIDE RIPTIDE

Price: $29.99
7.5" rubber coated aluminum danco pliers-ADMIRAL ADMIRAL

Price: $36.99
7" rubber coated aluminum danco pliers-CRANKSHAFT CRANKSHAFT

Price: $29.99
7" aluminum danco pliers with rubber grip inserts-SAWED-OFF SAWED-OFF

Price: $44.99
4.5" aluminum danco pliers-STUBBS STUBBS

Price: $14.99
6.5" stainless steel danco pliers with rubber grip inserts-DOUGHBOY DOUGHBOY

Price: $21.99
7" rubber coated aluminum danco pliers-BEEFCAKE BEEFCAKE

Price: $36.99
8" stainless steel danco pliers with rubber grip inserts-Axle AXLE

Price: $29.99

#304 Stainless steel: With great all-around corrosion resistant properties as well as good machinability and hardness, #304 stainless steel is the perfect material for tools that will be subject to everyday use and wet conditions on a regular basis. Many of our competitors tend to use lesser steel grades for their tools but we understand the importance of metals that have good all-around performance.

Aircraft grade aluminum construction: We don’t use just any old type of aluminum for our tools, we use the same 6061-T6 aluminum alloy that is used to manufacture the fuselage and wings of many aircraft. It is light and strong. Millions of people have trusted it with their lives at 30,000 feet but it also makes a great pair of pliers.

Titanium: It’s made with titanium, one of the strongest and lightest metals known to man. Need we say more….

#316 Marine Grade Stainless: Feature parts made with #316 stainless or are constructed entirely of it. This type of stainless steel is impenetrable to any type of rusting. It is by far the best metal for the harsh saltwater environments.

Corrosion Resistance: All products have been stringently tested to last in any environment giving you the reliability you come to expect with corrosion resistance.

Slip Resistance: Products feature a design or have added material that helps to reduce slippage and increase the users grip and control of the product.

Robotic precision: Produced, measured and or made with the assistance of computers and lasers for reliable, precise consistent precision.

Rubber Coating: Tools with this icon have been given a rubber coating to increase grip, comfort and control.

Titanium Coated: The majority of our stainless steel tools are given a titanium coating for its attractive grey finish and more importantly for increased corrosion resistance.

Molded Rubber Grip: Products feature grips that are partly or entirely composed of molded rubber or high performance Silicon for comfort, control and durability.

Halo Hinge Construction: Pliers feature our exclusive Halo Hinge that allow for a cleaner look, less play and stronger connection point.

Swivel Rubber Sheath: This is our exclusive molded rubber sheath that swivels 180 degrees to keep plier handles out of your side when bending over. Simply rotate it out of your way. This is a great product and it comes in two different sizes to fit a wide range of plier lengths.

Chrome Vanadium Cutters: Feature replaceable line cutters made of a chrome-vanadium alloy. This alloy offers overall good qualities of hardness and edge retention. It is commonly used to manufacture tools that will be subjected to high stress levels throughout their lifetimes. Perfect for cutting braid, mono or Fluorocarbon up to 500lb test; but not wire.

Cobalt-titanium cutters: Feature replaceable line cutters that are made from cobalt-titanium alloy. This alloy is very hard and resistant to wear. This alloy is also very resistant to corrosion and will consistently produce clean cuts to braid, mono and fluorocarbon up to 500 lb test. But the main reason we chose this material is because, unlike Tungsten carbide, it cuts most wires with ease.

Tungsten Carbide cutters: Feature replaceable line cutters that are made from tungsten-carbide alloy. This is one of the hardest alloys available. It is commonly used in the machining and construction industry and is renowned for its ability to hold an edge and resist wear. With its super sharp edge, this material is made to cut braid, mono, and fluorocarbon like butter. However, its hardness means that it is brittle, and so these should not be used to cut metal because it will likely break.

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