danco sports, inc.
No risk, high quality sporting goods

The danco sports story:

danco sports is an industry-leading manufacturer of pliers, knives and accessories for anglers worldwide. Since our start in 2006, danco sports has been committed to providing affordable, high quality products and outstanding customer service to anglers and fishing industry leaders alike.

To do this, we work side by side with the angling community to best understand the demands and complexities involved in the world of fishing, whether it is being done for sport or for profession. At the same time, we work closely with our factories and suppliers by investing in state of the art technology and using high quality materials to help drive the push toward better everyday products and that next great innovation.

As danco continues to grow as a brand and learn more about the community and industry that we serve and pay homage to, we invite you to enjoy our products and to let them be a tool to your success on the water. We can help you do it right…………... Do it with danco!